YouTube screening

Tonight I decided to create a YouTube premiere of the live score I created with Will Scobie for Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

It was originally written and performed in 2015 for Scalarama Festival in Brighton. It was then performed two more times in 2016 at The Mac in Belfast and at Site Festival in Stroud.

The version tonight was recorded at the live performance at The Mac for Belfast Film Festival in 2016. Come join on my Youtube channel at 9pm sharp!

edit: I took the link down. Thanks to everyone who showed up to the screening and for those chatting as well. It was so nice to hang out and watch something I’m really proud of.

The idea of all showing up and watching the same video at the same time was also really cool. It gave a nice feeling of connection during this lockdown.

I’m thinking of doing the same for the Joan of Arc live score so keep an eye out here, my mail-outs or on my twitter for info.