January newsletter 2020

Walk Into the Sea anniversary and the year ahead…

It’s been well over a year since I last sent out an email, lost in Helio-hibernation. Last October I composed an email newsletter that I never sent and now here we are in another new year. 2020 marks the 10yr anniversary of the release of my first album Walk Into The Sea… so perhaps it’s apt I left emailing until this year.

The unsent email was about a sound walk and performance I created for my PhD last summer. The project, called Sometimes We Wake, reflected back on my first album Walk into the Sea and was connected to the memory of an acoustic show that took place inside the Palm House, Botanic Gardens in 2009. It is one of my most personal research projects about lyrical narrative and it connects with the writings of a local gay author from a hundred years before. After an interview with Radio Ulster a few years ago about LGBT musicians growing up in Northern Ireland, the time seemed right to reflect on my early songs. 

This April, the sound walk will feature as part of Sonorities Festival in Belfast so I will email details about it closer to the time.

Later this year I will release a new album and hopefully hold some kind of live performance to celebrate the new and the old.

In the meantime, I uploaded some old live tracks.

Today I had my music library on shuffle and an old live track appeared like a ghost. It was a lunchtime show, recorded at the Oh Yeah Centre on 30th May 2010. I’ve hardly listened to this show because we had been so unrehearsed and felt it went so badly and was embarrassed that it had been recorded. It doesn’t sound as bad as I remembered but still not great.

There were a few tracks that seemed ok to upload though, so to start the year looking back at Walk Into The Sea, I’ve uploaded a couple of songs from that set for you to stream on Bandcamp.